I am so pleased to be able to give this review.

A couple of years ago I had a brain stem stroke. Luckily for me I came out of it pretty good. As I was being admitted to hospital the question asked to my family was ,"Does she have a Personal Directive?". No one in my family was sure. I however did not have one anyway. After being told this about 8-9 months ago I had begun to think more about it and because of my personal medical history decided I needed for sure to have one. I asked Sarina to help me with this task as I was not entirely sure how to go about this.
Sarina was extremely professional and knowledgeable about this. She posed some very important questions and made some very soul searching pointers for me to consider. I am very pleased with my choices including my choice to have Sarina to help me with this otherwise daunting task. She made it way less daunting and more thoughtful. For this I thank you Sarina.
I would HIGHLY recommend Sarina to anyone looking to have any end of life processes accomplished.

Cindy Corbin